What type of Sign do you need?
Do you not speak "sign language"? Don't worry! You are not alone! While there are many different sign types there are just a few primary categories before we customize. Don't see a category for what you need? Check out our {{smugmug link}} for a large gallery of options!
Channel Letters are mainly over entryways and at shopping plazas. These signs can be illuminated, or not, and mounted individually, on a raceway or even on a custom shape.
Routed Letters are non-lighted letters manufactured to fit a specific look, logo, colors or style by using cutting edge technology with our computerized CNC router.
Awnings provide a little shelter and advertising when signs may not be possible. Made to be either lighted or just decorative, with your custom graphics applied they will showcase your business.
Wall Signs can maximize visibility on interior or exterior walls by utilizing more space to relay your message. If you have a blank wall or a large area that faces a roadway, then a wall sign may be just what you need to increase visibility!
Road Signs perhaps the most important sign choice you will make as they provide the invitation and direction. We build signs that are structurally engineered and manufactured with materials that we know will withstand our weather extremes. We are the only sign company in East Texas that has utilized solar energy in some of our signs!
Tenant Signs are a popular sign for shopping centers and professional spaces that have multiple businesses within. You can create an appealing and unique tenant sign that will help draw businesses to your space.
Electronic Message Centers (EMC) a very popular addition for business advertising campaigns, they provide moving and changing messages. Our company has designed, installed and serviced EMC's for over 25 years. We have chosen three American-Made manufacturers to work with as they provide consistent, superior products and support. They also give you excellent support and training. Choose a local sign company that has established relationships with a few EMC manufacturers. This is a capital investment for your business to be used in your advertising campaign, and you should approach with caution.

Do you think you need an EMC? You see them on every corner, but is it right for you? Ask yourself:

   1. Does your business focus on immediate or impulse sales?
   2. Do you need to immediately promote products, services and events?
   3. Do you need to increase your visibility?
   4. Do you need to change your message daily? Or even hourly?
   5. Do you desire a dynamic form of advertising that gets immediate attention?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, you may need an EMC!

At Leon's Signs we will effectively guide you with choosing, purchasing, installing, training and servicing of your EMC. You can depend on us.
Digital Wraps if your business is ever on the road, you should consider digital wraps. What better way to advertise than with you're constantly moving company vehicles? Digital wraps on cars, trucks, vans and even boats can be a creative way to get your name on the streets. It offers the ability to show off your business in a stylish way. Creating a unique, custom image is our specialty. No cookie cutter designs! At our facility, we control and provide the entire process of our wraps by designing, printing, laminating and then installing indoors.
Service is inevitable. All signs at some point need some TLC. We provide service technicians that can make sure you keep your sign burning bright. Just give us a call and you will back in business!
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