As businesses worldwide recognize the need to invest in higher quality, more unique and varied marketing strategies, so too does technology advance to make those efforts more affordable and innovative than ever. That’s why digital billboards and LED signage can improve your ability to interact with your customers and build relationships 24 hours a day.

An electronic messaging center (EMC) uses computer-generated messages or other electronic methods to move through a regular rotation of advertising copy. Mordern EMCs use LED lighting to offer an amazing variety of messaging and design options to make advertising your business both exciting and rewarding. At Leon’s Signs, we’re in the business of designing, installing, and providing maintenance services for electronic messaging centers throughout East Texas. We help businesses of all sizes become more profitable in their specific industries by providing brand signage to put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Leon’s Signs customizes our entire process to handle every aspect of the EMC design and installation process. No matter the size of your business, we can take care of your signage needs by helping you acquire permits and incorporate your branding into your new display. Keep your business and the cutting edge of signage technology in East Texas by upgrading to a fully customizable EMC signage solution.

Electronic Change Copy Board’s (eCCB) are text only LED signs that replace manual change marquee signs.

EMC with internally lighted ID cabinet and custom pole cover

EMC and custom ID cabinet

EMC on custom monument sign

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